Jan. 26th, 2017

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There is a Boston-local sister to the Scientists March on Washington that has been called for March 4th (nice choice of dates there, y'all). I'm extremely unlikely to go to DC but maybe I'll be down on Boston Common. We shall see. Right now the page is just a skeleton and a link to a Facebook event.
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Ilya Somin, a noted Constitutional scholar and generally right-leaning conservative/Libertarian thinker, has a blog post up in the Washington Post arguing that Trump's order attempting to punish sanctuary cities is unconstitutional.

The basic principle is simple, if wrapped in some legal language: courts have almost universally held that states have to know the conditions under which they are accepting Federal money, and it's not permitted to change those conditions afterward, except as written into the laws. Trump is, in effect, imposing an additional condition, which is not allowed.

Why this matters is that the only significant case so far against Trump is based on a far reach that I expect the courts to reject. This one would appear to have much more solid legal footing, assuming the administration actually carries out the order.
legal wonkery follows )
Unfortunately, such suits will take years to wind through the courts and a lot of people will get hurt in those years. But I'll take small comforts where I can.


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