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As a Jew who mostly hates this holiday season I found this utterly hysterical. No idea what non-Jews will think:

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Do not follow this link unless you have time and patience. You have been warned.

Also, not recommended for RSI sufferers.

ETA: See also the comments, and this: http://blackhole12.blogspot.com/2012/09/analyzing-xkcd-click-and-drag.html
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Today's Girls With Slingshots - awesome:
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...but somehow I doubt it. The rest of you parents can laugh along.

ETA: by request, the back-story link: http://partiallyclips.com/2012/05/09/sitting-on-bench/
It's worth reading, too.
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I am laughing way too much at this

It may be because I'm a boy...
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I totally did not see the third-panel gag coming....

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Big image here )
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I had, earlier this year, a list of good Web comics to check out. I think it was from Arisia. In any event, I can't find it and I'm soliciting new material given that Freakangels' run is now done and several of my regulars (Punch 'n' Pie and OotS in particular) update very slowly.

what I read, as if that would help )
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Because I found this very funny:

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Over at io9.com they're arguing over the possible new looks for DC's revamped character line-ups. The image of Superman appears to show him wearing armor, which raises the inevitable question of "why does Superman need armor?"

Poster PurpleSteve dismisses reasons why Superman needs armor thus:
If you live in the DC universe, and you're doing something nasty enough to attract superman's attention, then I'm pretty sure you know who fucking superman is. On a scale from one to ohshitimgonnadie, 'I just pissed off superman' doesn't really rate much lower than 'I just pissed off superman and he's wearing armour'.

Part of me misses living in a social group where this kind of discussion was commonplace.


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