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For background see this entry: http://drwex.livejournal.com/611980.html

After two weeks of wearing the surgical "shoe" - basically a board strapped to my foot - and showering with said foot in a plastic bag I went for my follow-up. 48 hours ahead I got x-rays. I'm now back in normal shoes that have inserts and I need to buy new sneakers.

The most lasting effects were from not being able to walk normally for two weeks, which left my hips and back in pretty bad shape. I've been slowly getting back to walking - on Saturday I did an unintentionally intense hike uphill through dense underbrush for about 2 miles and survived that OK (though I needed a nap and most of Sunday off from walking). Monday I walked about another 3 miles around WPI campus, about which more in another entry.

The foot is occasionally sore particularly when the dog stomps on the less-protected toe, but it's getting better. I really need new walking shoes, though. Details and longer-term stuff behind the cut (nothing gross)...
but what about that longer-term stuff )
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This contains discussion of minor surgery and infection. It's a follow-up to my last entry about infection. Some people don't like reading that stuff...
nothing too gross, I promise )
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This entry discusses infection. I'm cut-tagging because [livejournal.com profile] taura_g reads my LJ and shouldn't get landmined.
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(another thing that got eaten by the can't-post bug; sorry if I've turned into Posty McSTFUAlready.)

This trip I finished two items of media I think are quite good and worth talking about.
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This will likely be my last "back" entry unless something drastic happens. The short version is that I appear to be on a slow course to mending. I have some permanent restrictions, some temporary, and more PT to do.
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Tuesday I got a massage from a woman who used a Thai technique I haven't experienced in quite some time. It's all forearms and elbows and goes quite deep. I had a lot of soreness after that but she did attack some of the knots pretty effectively. I may go see her again if I can figure out timing that works - getting to west Medford during the hours she works is not as easy as I'd like.
Pain doc is not painful )
It's a real relief to have some uniformity of opinion among the various providers - at this point Ortho, Neuro, and Pain are all saying the same thing so that's what I'm going with.

Oh and Lahey sent me a "how did we do" questionnaire so I told them what I thought of the PT.
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The last update was pretty goddamn depressing. Since then things have gotten better.
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Couple brief updates:

Diagnosis of degenerative arthritis is confirmed. The MRI also shows significant disc bulging into the T1-T2 range, which is depressing but unsurprising. The vertebrae themselves show spurring throughout. It's likely that imaging of other back regions would say the same thing, but unless there's a particular problem there doesn't seem to be a pressing need for more pictures. It wouldn't change what we do.

Lifestyle-wise, I need to avoid impact activities, which I generally don't do anyway. People with stressed discs are at much higher risk for ruptures under impact that wouldn't bother healthy spines. There are some things I don't do anymore that I wish I was doing more and maybe I shouldn't be doing. Sigh.

The Ortho and I discussed the prednisone effects I blogged about last time. He feels that the appropriate next step is to start working with a pain clinic that will help me treat the condition more holistically rather than reactively. So I'll continue the ibu-as-needed and get a referral to the pain clinic that'll take a couple weeks to set up. PT is a good plan in the interim.

Basically my back is fucked and it's going to be (more and more) fucked for the rest of my life. Go me.
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When last we left our hero, he was feeling unhappy with the preliminary diagnosis.
Here's what happened in the past week. )
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People have been asking, so here's a fast update.

My preliminary diagnosis is "advanced degenerative disc disease throughout the cervical spine."
So what happens now? )
So what's the status of things now? )
I'll update again in a couple weeks when I know more. Meanwhile I'm sort of off heavy lifting with the right hand, and am experimenting with different things I can do at bedtime to improve my sleep.
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I seem not to have written much about my back problems last year except for this one entry about PT. I'm writing this entry today to document the problems I've been having for the past week+.
First, let's recap last year )
So what happened last week? )
At this point my baseline pain level is about a 4, often 5-6 and spiking into the 7-8 range.
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So here we go - there's not a lot I can do but ride this out. I'm 90% convinced that the ultimate cause is the shitty little pen that my workplace has shoved us into. I still don't have a dropdown keyboard tray and it's cramped. I have to turn my head to the left to see my second monitor and that motion definitely sets off the crampy muscles. May be coincidence but I don't think so. We're moving to our final building a week from Friday and if they don't set it up more ergonomically I'm going to raise holy hell.

Oh and I think I caught the Arisia con crud (cold, cough, runny nose). Go me.
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tl;dr: Tuesday evening I came down with what I think was a case of food poisoning. I'm OK, mostly recovered now. This hit me way harder than I'd've expected.
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I thought I had written about going for a sleep study, but seems like not.
Anyway, I got the results )
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Another thing mostly for myself
Last night I went for a PT eval )
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I had a bout of _something_ Sunday into Monday. It's Wednesday and I'm still not 100%.
Logging this for my own records in case of recurrence; no terribly icky bits back here )
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People who don't want to read about my dental experiences are free to skip this )

WTF body?

Sep. 20th, 2011 10:26 am
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Saturday night: crashed out on the couch at my Dad's place. Slept fitfully. It's not a bad couch but it's not a bed.

Sunday night: crashed out at home in my own bed. Slept fitfully. Isn't exercise supposed to help you sleep better?

Monday: could barely stay awake at work. Got home, fell over unconscious around 6:05, woken up about 8:25 by child wanting to be tucked in.

Monday night: slept fitfully. Weird anxiety dreams, mostly. Woke up a couple of times with body saying "OK, had enough sleep now" and brain saying "oh, no you haven't, go settle back down". Eventually gave that up as a bad business about 5 AM.

Tuesday: at work, ready for a nap. Or something.

WTF. Seriously.


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