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You may know I enjoy Indian foods, among them allo mutter - peas and potatoes, basically. I've often said that if I was forced to be vegetarian for the rest of my life I'd likely eat nothing but Indian food. Anyway, I've looked at that phrase more hundreds of times than I can count and it was only today that my brain produced:

Aloo mutter
Aloo fadduh
Here I am at
Camp Granada

You're welcome.

(If you have no idea what I'm banging on about, start with Wikipedia if you must, but it's generally more fun to listen than to read.)
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Original by Late Night with Seth Meyers used entirely without permission of NBC.

warren peace

Because if we forget how to laugh it's going to be an even longer four years.
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Last year was 3/14/15 which is, technically, the first five digits of pi. This year is 3/14/16, which is much closer to the underlying 3.14159 than last year's truncation.

As someone who works in an industry that really cares about sigfigs, Vi Hart's Pi Day rant video this year tickled me.
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(via Boingboing)

There's this guy who pranks scam emailers for fun and for material he puts on YouTube. There's a whole series of them but this one had me actually laughing out loud.
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I am told that in the most recent release of Healthcare.gov, leaving the gender field empty gets an error message simply stating “Sex is required.”

Well then.
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I still play Warcraft from time to time. Pygment has mostly gafiated from it and I'm playing a lot less than I did. But there are moments and I still enjoy a couple hours of raiding now and then.

It helps to understand this story if you know that when a group attacks a monster there's often a countdown to synchronize everyone's initial actions. Prior to that, the raid leader usually does a "ready check" where people can click yes/no if they're ready to begin. For reasons of sheer luck I happen to run in raids that are led by women.

Last raid I had to click "no" on a readycheck because I mostly couldn't breathe for laughing. It went something like this:

Raid leader: Everyone ready?
Raider: Give me five seconds... well, ten max.
Other raider: I bet you say that to all the women.
Other other raider: Yeah, and they find the countdown really annoying, too.

(I actually have no idea if non-gamers or maybe just those without an inner 12-year-old will find this funny so please do tell me what you think.)
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I have returned from having (YET ANOTHER, sheesh) tire replaced on the car. I explain to the children: "I have a contradiction!"
"What is that?" they ask.
Me: My car is working again, but it has been re-tired.

Thing 1 groans loudly at me. I protest - what was wrong with that?
Thing 1: C'mon, dad, that pun was groan-worthy.
Me: Oh, so it's an adult?
Thing 1: What?
Me: It's groan up!

He bopped me on the head with the plastic lid, then went to tell his brother about it.
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Why do we not have candidates like this in the US?

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for [livejournal.com profile] weegoddess particularly but others may enjoy.

My (elderly) stepmother is visiting this weekend. On our way out to the car she was paused in the basement grimacing at something.

I asked what was wrong.

Her: Ow. If it's not one joint it's another.
Me: So what's a classy dame like you doing with joints like these?
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(if the URL is right the original source of this is PBS.)

ETA: some people can't see the image with the raw IMG tag, so here you go: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJ8p5lgWcAAQQ9B.jpg
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This guy's a bit of an asshole but I can't stop laughing at this video. It's like photo-bombing but for cellphones.
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This is from June of last year and has over 400,000 hits so you've probably seen it already but I had not. Hilarious.
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(Background: it is Pygment's and my habit to squeeze each other's tushes affectionately when we pass behind the other person.)

I squeeze Pygment's butt...

Her: Hey, that's my butt!
Me: Of course - I just had to check because it might be someone else.
Her, looking skeptically at me: You can tell who it is by squeezing their butt a little bit?
Me: Certainly! If it's the wrong person I get slapped.

*we dissolve into giggles* I head for the computer...

Her: How are you going to blog that?
Me: Just the way it happened, of course.
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I'll just leave this here (actual screen-grab):

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In the course of a mini-rant about how we can do better than Nature, Neil deGrasse Tyson tells an extremely abbreviated version of one of my favorite jokes.
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Sarah Silverman is awesome and hilarious. This is sort of NSF a lot of workplaces.

ETA: Please read the comment below - this ad has been called out for being trans-phobic and not particularly enlightened. I think this falls into the category of "Liking Problematic Things" for me.

(Full disclosure: I'm a supporter of the National Women's Law Center and this is a fundraiser for NWLC. That doesn't make it less awesome.)
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John Oliver versus Miss America. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks.
Spoiler best line )


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