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I have to keep doing music as part of my long-term self-care and I would love to share more of it with you. I still don't have a good solution for dealing with the tags/searchability problem, though, so I'm still very limited. Today I've got two long-form sets that ought to keep your ears happy and your butts chair-dancing for a while. (Also you're gonna need it for the political spam that comes next.)

It's been a long time since DJ Steveboy put out a straight-up funk mix. The idea of "new old funk" was what started me listening to Groovelectric years ago and though I enjoy a variety of his sets nothing is as consistently satisfying as the funk. Here we get nearly a full hour of lush horns, rhythms and vocals, plus a cover/remix or two that got my attention (and I promise not to spoil).

I have not been happy with most of the last few weeks in Innerstate Radio-land. Frankly too much glitch and wub, I find myself turning it off halfway through. This episode avoids that for the most part. There are also a couple of really nice summery tracks such as Ozcan's own take on "Everything Changes" with Chris Crone. I can't recall any other time I've heard an Ozcan track with simple naked guitar chords. Others, such as "Lady" are more dance-y but still leaning toward the full house sound rather than the edge-y glitch pop.
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Help me dear listeners. I am certain I've heard the vocals/song/voice before but it's eluding me entirely. I can't even be certain what the native language is, beyond feeling like it's one of the Norse family (or maybe Celtic, but I think not).

Anyway, here's the track (Timmy Trumpet - Oracle)

I got it out of another of the Ummet Ozcan Innerstate mixes (https://soundcloud.com/innerstateradio/ummet-ozcan-presents-innerstate-ep-113) which is OK overall but this track is so different it grabbed my attention.

I have lots more music to post but this mystery has been bugging me enough that I wanted to pull it out.

ETA: Solved! [livejournal.com profile] sovay identifies and links - see comments.
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I look at OMG music tabs and then realize it's been 10 days since my last post. We'll start with three long-form pieces that I can write up pretty quickly to get things rolling then put more stuff into a separate post.

I've seen this posted a couple places but maybe you haven't. This guy did an entire album (8 tracks) of Beastie Boys remixes built out of the original vocals and a bajillion samples from Daft Punk. This is not an entirely whacky notion, but it does lead to a lot of what I think of as train-wreck mixes. It's not a style of mash-up I particularly prefer; I like it when the mixer finds clever ways to meld the source tracks. But other people might like this style better so here you go.

For some reason a whole stack of Innerstate episodes appeared on Soundcloud more or less at the same time. Normally they release a week or so apart. I'm blogging this one because it largely had a different feel than the typical sets and because of several things in it that caught my ear. The set has an overall more pop, upbeat, and feel-good tone than I'd expected, which makes for a nice change.

The first is Jay Hardway's remix of "Runaways". The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDyuZ0_mWPI) is an undeniably summer-pop confection with a cute teen-love video. The remix is less saccharine and sped up a little more for dance club feel but very true to the original.

The second is a nice dance banger by Ozcan himself, "This Girl". It features a fast build and a lot of electro-horns. The released version is very short and feels like the intro for a bigger piece I haven't had time to track down.

And finally we have "Magic", an instrumental upbeat house banger from Mr. Black. I picked this one out on my second listen-through and I'm still not entirely sure what it is that grabs me about this. It's got some interesting rhythm changes, a little more electronic woop than I like, and yet I think the whole hangs together very nicely for a few minutes of chair-dancing.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had marked more Funk Hunters to share and here's some of it. A six-track EP from Funk Hunters and Chali 2na. This is their first studio release after a lot of touring and playing together and it's all original tracks. Right now my favorite is the second "Get Involved" because it has Defunk and it's got some smooth political lyrics along with soulful brass and backing vocals.
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Going to try to launch this one between the lines today, otherwise it's Monday and you want these sets to improve your weekend.

Before I start the longer-form things, I wanted to share this "future funk" track from Griz called "Before I go". It features singer/songwriter Leo Napier (http://www.leonapier.com/) who looks NOTHING like he sounds, sorry. And who has a terrible Web site, but who cares when he can sing like that? Griz does a great job with the first half of the track then decides for some reason he need fuzz electronica to go along with the vocals and horns because Reasons. I don't think they add anything and fortunately they don't overdominate the soulful and, yes, somewhat funky riffs.

First of the long-form listens is Freemixed Nuts' EP compilation of funk and soul from eight new-to-me artists. Vocals that come straight out of motown, and liberal lifting of jazz riffs complement the underlying funk beats. As with the Griz tracks there's also fuzz electronica mixed in here and there so maybe it's a thing and I should get used to it. The EP is available for free download and there are links to each of the performers' sites and feeds in the More Info. Check 'em out.

Another good Innerstate collection from Ummet Ozcan. As befits the season it has more summer festival dance banger entries than other mixes. Of those, I think I like "Let's Go" from Rick Mitchells best for its unpretentious/unashamed let's bounce up and down fun aesthetic.

OK, back to the funk. I could say just play this because it's an excellent 85 minutes of funky goodness but let me tell you about some of my favorites from this set. CAZZETTE's "She Wants Me Dead" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHccClTAdzc) which I love for its horns and fast vocals. Or maybe you'd rather enjoy the vocals of Angela McCluskey as she does "The Little Things" with Big Gigantic, who actually have a couple entries in this set. But this lady has pipes and the music backs them well - it's a little torch singa, a little modern, a little funk, and a lotta phat horns. DeFunk has a lot of their own work in this set, like their remix of K Theory's "Things I Like To Do" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL071ZgoM50) which comes off as hip-hoppy, jazzy, fast-breakin' funk. I wish it was longer, but I say that about a lot of things. Or if you're more in a ghetto funk mood you might go for Stickbuds' remix of "Bust a Move" from Young MC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtR_2zIfP44), which revives an old-school hip-hop favorite and updates it to very modern sensibilities.
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I want to close out the last set of tabs I've backed up for the past month so I can open new ones. A couple of the usual suspects here and a couple new.

Ghetto funk EP from DJ Roast Beeatz. Five lovely tracks in variations on a style. It slides a little sideways into glitch at times, but overall this is the new old stuff I really dig.

The Funk Hunters' fifth podcast actually showed up about a month ago, which tells you how far behind I am because I loved it from first listen. I particularly like that this mix has a number of instrumental and acapella items. The entire 'cast is full of luscious phat horns and wonderfully stompy beats. I know this is not everyone's definition of "all good" but it sure is mine.

Hidden & Reign teamed up with Jacob Ferrer to produce this "Festival Essentials" mix. In a way it's a Best of summer 2016 remixes with almost every track edited down to fit the hour-long requirement. That makes for some choppiness but I liked it anyway. Most of the tracks are A|B mashes of various house bangers so you have to be in the right mood for that kind of thing. It's hard to pick favorites from this set but the two that most caught my ear were the first two tracks. "Faded Lights" is Dannic mashing Alan Walker's 'Faded' against Dannic and Amersy's 'Lights Out'. The result is a strong electro-house banger with good sustain. Though if you're not completely DONE with "Talking Body" the next track is a nice Tove Lo/Tom & Jame mash-up that I also enjoyed.

I've been linking Ummet Ozcan's radio shows for a while now - this is his live set at Tomorrowland. It's not bad, as live set recordings go. Unfortunately there's no set list so I can't pick out favorites. I'm pretty sure I recognize some of the tracks from his shows, though.
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Still clearing out some of the short-form things I've bookmarked in the past few weeks...

Luca Rubino's "Point Break" is a delightful summer dance track that's sure to see lots of remixing. High BPM, strong electronic edge, with that by-now-classic build-drop-build pattern. As all-electro-instrumental tracks go this one's not bad, edging just close to too frenetic and too repetitive but never straying over the lines. It's a nice change from Rubino's past A|B pop mashes.

DirtyVibes' remix of "Resistance" from Jetfire has a lot going for it (not least promotion from DJs from Mars, which is how I found it). That aside, it's a nice steady moobahton sound and I can see why the DJs picked it out. The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUamQtVPmRw) is a pretty standard dance banger and I like that the remix keeps the vocals and the drive of the original, but strips out much of the higher-end electronica in favor of deep bass lines.

When I linked the 'twerk' tracks in the last entry I forgot this one, which calls itself "twerkhall". No, I'm not making this up. On a sample size of three I can't really say that one is that much different from another. This one is much more riddim and less moombah and yes, if I was going to envision music specifically designed for people to twerk to it would likely sound like this, but on the other hand I'm not convinced this is an improvement on riddim (assuming you like that, of course). STAiF seemed to be drawing on more diverse and interesting influences.

Stephen Murphy's remix of "Lush Life" from Zara Larsson is a pleasant, bouncy summer dance tune. The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD4HCZe-tew) is a very girl-poppy overtuned track. I think it benefits from being energized and sped up, but it still feel like it needs something more.

I have a few long-form things to link but I figured I'd round this entry out with an episode of Innerstate Radio that I marked a while back. Ummet Ozcan has been following the trend toward glitchier stuff that I mostly don't like so I will be linking less of it. This set is not bad, though, and it features several nicely melodic pieces. For my money, the best of it is in the middle, TripL & Warkids' "Love Addiction", one of those feel-good trance tracks that you get often from AVB and less often in other places. Fun factoid: the Jessy Katz featured here is Stephen Spielberg's niece.
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Because a meeting got cancelled. No promises on when I hit 'post' though. My mood has continued to be utterly in the shitter, so several of these are going to be the sort of chair-dancing upbeat things I like to use to counter that sort of mood. There will soon be another post consisting of long-form listening but for now let's hit some quick tracks...

I'm continuing to listen to Ummet Ozcan's set mixes and sometimes I come across his original creations. This one I really like in part because it feels like an EDM homage to European heavy metal. From the symphonic opener to the solo guitar wail at about 0:40 to the choral refrains you get the sense that this is someone who grew up loving a similar sort of unabashedly pretentious prog and metal I did. Then about 1:30 when I'm already grinning the track drops into familiar electro-dance territory. "Megatron" indeed.

Frichte's "Nitro Fun - Dragonfly" compilation is kind of a made-up track picking bits and pieces of Nitro Fun's game-themed music. As such, it's very electro, kind of glitchy, and a little dubstep. I don't play enough modern electronic games to recognize most of the samples, but it's still a fun chair-dance track.

New CHVRCHES that sounds (to me) remarkably poppy. Their previous things I've noted have been generally listener-friendly but not out-and-out pop. I'm continuing to be sad I missed my chance at tickets to their local show this time around. Maybe I'd have a better sense for their sound - next time for sure.

Bounce, from MSTKRFT, is often called "All I do is party" after its repeated line. Here, that lyric bit is repeatedly sampled and played by Torren Foot & Ryan Collins over a heavy electro-bass rhythm. It's nohow the most sophisticated mix, but it's definite chair-dance material.

But don't stop there, if bouncy house is your thing. Premeson has a sweet energetic remix of JustLuke's "Settle My Heart". The original is heavily produced male-vocal pop that feels like it's aimed at teens (bubblegum much?). Then along comes Premeson with the 'move aside, kid, let me show you how the adults do it' effects and amps it all up. The vocals still work, but I vastly prefer the remix to the original.

Vicetone are continuing to find the core honey in tracks and then building interesting dance bits around those cores. This time it's Bonnie McKee's "I Want it All" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj_La4gaVIQ). The original has a very heavy autotuned sound and it's nice to see that stripped down and cleaned up for the remix. Once again I think it helps to have a second
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I am sad and somewhat angry so let me bury myself in music for a while. I make no apologies for the lack of coherence in this link set.

Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] elfy comes Helium Vola (http://www.helium-vola.de/wohin/index.html) a German act that combines Medieval styles and cadences with modern sounds and influences. I have no idea why it's tagged instrumental because it's clearly not - the vocals are one of the best things about the track, as often happens with tunes that use simple instrumentation. This track is simple, spare, and more than a little haunting.

Puller, an Italian remixer, offers up his remix of "Bazaar" from KSHMR & Marnik (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlJAiwwGHMg). The original is a fun Goa-influenced dance track; the remix speeds things up a bit and has a more intense feel. It's an interesting contrast between big dance anthem and tight club mix. I can't decide which I like more.

A.Skillz is a DJ I've been listening to off and on for a few years, but somehow have not blogged before. I hear this on, I think an "Alien Selection" podcast and tracked it down. "Jump Around," of course is one of those hip-hop standards that gets sampled all over the place but this is a more straight-up remix (re-edit). Neither the original nor the re-edit are that sophisticated; it's just nice to see the track get updated to current styles.

And while we're talking re-edits, here's a new take on "Body Movin", the old Beastie Boys standard but using new vocals. Maurizio Gubellini gives it a distinctive nu-disco touch but keeps the core beat throughout. I end up liking it even though I'm not a huge nu disco fan. I think it would've worked just as well with the original vocals, though.

I haven't linked any ghetto funk in a while, so here's dj roast beatz's 2016 take on a nu funk mash-up he did some time ago. At its core this is also a re-edit, this time of "Pump Up the Volume" - it's hard to believe that track is almost thirty years old.

Another Innerstate from Ummet Ozcan. Really a great set this time, with lots of fun and interesting sounds. I picked out the "Make the Crowd Go" track from Corey James. Like several of the tracks on this Innerstate, it has some obvious disco influences, as well as an interesting set of tempo changes and high-bpm passages.
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Right, I have these long-form sets around for you. Hopefully they'll ease some of the effects of going back to work. I've only listened to these a couple times and haven't had a chance to pick out favorite tracks. If something you hear really catches your ears leave a note in the comments.

Yes, another DJ Steveboy Groovelectric set. Partly it's that I'm catching up on some of his back work (I'm on his mailing lists but don't listen immediately when new sets come out) and partly it's that he's had some really good work lately. This one, "Imminent Dark" is deep, somewhat tribal, and kind of intense in places. It does feel like the kind of music you'd be playing or dancing to late at night - some noir but with considerably lighter stretches.

DJ Maya Jakobson (who I started following after stumbling over her work back in July) put out this screamin' hour-long end-of-year party mix last month in collaboration with fellow Israeli Yair Raviv, whose remix works appear often in the set. I find myself liking almost every track in this set but if you push it, I think Maya's work comes out on top - either the "How Deep Is Your Club" mix or the "I Love Sax" rework she did. I had a link to the DJs from Mars version she's using but that link went dead and now I can't find the track again.

Vicetone also did a year-end set mix of their own work and others' work they remixed. Obviously if you don't like Vicetones you'll want to skip this one, but I do and I particularly like how they've worked a variety of styles in. It's all house, with strong electro and techno influences and definitely geared to the kind of thing you'd play at a bouncy party.

Just out a couple days ago is another Ummet Ozcan Innerstate mix. I haven't even done a full second listen-through so I don't have a lot to say except I think he's doing a good job of picking and promoting interesting new artists. Looking at the setlist I recognize fewer than half the names, which is always a good sign for a new year.

Unlikely to be most of my readers' tastes but it's part of mine and my LJ so here I blog it - an hour set from Cheeba & Moneyshot with a lot of great hip-hop, rap, scratch, and funk. Definitely somewhat old-school emphasizing the fast word-slinging and less of the things I don't like in more modern hip-hop.
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Some overflow from the last post. Here are three long-form mixes that will occupy your ears for a while. All three in very different styles. The usual caveats about sets apply here - none of these is perfect. I have not had the time to listen through two or three times as I usually do to pick out my favorites so if something particularly strikes your ears leave me a comment.

I'm starting to try and catch up on accumulated backlog and one of this things are DJ Steveboy mixes. This one actually came out in the summer and it's a lovely (if slightly dark) deep house set. The mix has a deliberate rainy-day vibe to it, which fits well with our usual late-October weather. I liked the mixing on this set - it ends up feeling seamless and well planned.

If you are in a less chill mood, DJ Roast Beatz has 85 minutes of funk, hip-hop, rap, soul, dub, and associated fun things. Although there's a tracklist you will likely hear different versions if you chase individual tracks because this set was live-mixed so there are overlaps as well as spontaneous adds and fades. I like that the set has a lot of acapella pieces as well as some serious instrumental breaks, several of which show how influential the jazz riffs of the last century have been on the hip-hop of this century.

Just use your imagination - yes, Ummet Ozcan is back with another of his Innerstate set mixes. An hour of fun dance, trance, vocal trance and other club tracks. This set includes both the Avicii "Faithless" remix and several other good items. The set is less coherent than either of the previous two, but that also makes it easier to skip over tracks you don't like.
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LJ says it's only been about three weeks since I posted music but it has felt like longer. Right now it's on my mind a lot because the latest round of sound driver updates to my home Realtek sound engine hosed the speakers. I can get sound via headphones but I can't use my PC to play music to the room anymore. Grr. Still, I have tabs and will share them.

Divide & Kreate remixes the extremely popular indie pop hit "Cool Kids" from a couple years ago. D&K has spiced it up a little and made it beat faster but it still has the essential spare sound of the original.

Following on [livejournal.com profile] mizarchivist's original pointer I continue to find Tove Lo mixes. This one is Flipboitamidies doing an A|B with clean bandit, a rather unusual UK duo (http://cleanbandit.co.uk/). The mix is OK - better than most of the Tove Lo mashes I'm coming across - but I'm actually more intrested in the discovery of clean bandit. I love you, so I share.

This one keeps coming up in my stream and I'm still not entirely sure if I like it, but it's an interestingly original idea. Fissunix is A|B mashing Mano Negra and The Prodigy. Most Prodigy mixes tend to use things I don't like - this one is "Wall of Death" which I think has the best sort of energy that Prodigy produces. And Mano Negra gets mashed up approximately never, so here you go.

Mashup Germany again, with a really nice five-way mix of tracks I'm not familiar with. It fronts Timmy Trumpet and I loves me some brass horns so that's nice. I think the vocals work less well than they might, but perhaps I have too high an expectation of what M.G. can do. From anyone else this would be an excellent track - for him it's just average but the track radiates a kind of fun joy that makes it infectious.

--- We now enter the Ummet Ozcan zone ---

Someone going by djPhase has mashed up an Ummet Ozcan track that I think is his super-popular "Daftizer" (https://soundcloud.com/ummetozcan/daftizerfree) with Zedd's "I Want You to Know", which features the vocals and (ahem) appearance of Selena Gomez. Yes, THAT Selena Gomez, who is now all growed up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X46t8ZFqUB4) and who's doing a respectable job of turning her childhood Nickelodeon image into an adult singing/acting career. Of the three tracks I think I like the Zedd original best, but that might be influenced by watching the video.

Msystem's remix of Double Exposure's "My Love is Free". It's definitely an electro-dance track, but it draws on soul and disco roots heavily. I picked it out because it features Double Exposure's all-male vocals in a genre that often fronts female vocalists.

Another episode of Ozcan's "Innerstate" pod/setcast. This one has a lot of really nice tracks in it, of which I picked two to feature because they spoke to me particularly.

Nathan C and Feliz Leiter do a trance track that starts out mostly instrumental and then brings in "This Is Our Night" by Sander Kleinberg (http://www.vevo.com/watch/sander-kleinenberg/TION-(This-is-Our-Night)/NLL331100021). This is a track I heard many years ago and had almost completely forgotten about. Then it showed up this rework and I was like, "wait, I know that..." This version is much more high energy, higher BPM and more electro than the original but it's really nice to hear an old favorite getting some new life.

Saving the best for last, here's some truly superb vocal trance from Killogy. "Awake" is a showcase for singer-songwriter Angelika Vee (http://angelikavee.com/) whose vocals absolutely soar in this track. My only complaint is that it's too short, but it's definitely got me following Ms Vee to see what else she's doing. It's been a while since I heard a new voice that really got my attention and this track is a great way to finish out a set.
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I usually try to have five or six tracks to blog when doing a music post, but all three of the offerings below clock in at over half an hour so there's plenty to keep your ears occupied. They also represent three very different corners of my listening stream; I don't imagine anyone but me is going to like all three but maybe one or two will appeal. Anyway, enough blah-blah, on with the tunes.

B-Side, Detta, and Howla have gotten together as Ghetto Funk Crew to make this promo mix. It's half an hour of rap and hip-hop infused funk. I really like the fusion. Funk has underlain hip-hop since its early days and this style goes back to the roots. It also has some pretty reggae segments mixed in, as well as Motown-type gospel harmonies. And it's significantly lacking in the overused b* and n* words that turn me off much current hip-hop.

Ummet Ozcan is someone I used to listen to more when I first got into EDM, when he had what seemed to me a more European style. The Innerstate sets have been more standard EDM/house and less vocal, so I don't blog them much. This particular mix happened to hit me at the right time and it's got a lot of serious bangers mixed in with the lovely piano solos and electric orchestral bits.

Fissunix got together with his friends LeeDM101 and Colatron and created this double-disc of London Grammar mashes. It's musical heaven when it's at its best and not bad on a couple of what I think are filler tracks. If you've been reading me for a while now you'll not be surprised to know that I think the best tracks are those that feature Hannah Reid's voice strongly, such as the "London Hybrid" that leads off disc one. If you just want to stream the whole thing you can also listen on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/fissunix/sets/london-grammash) but the download is at this site.
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I never managed to get the second music post done before heading to Arisia (about which more in a separate entry). Here is the second post, collecting some of the better electronic dance tracks from the past year. This is all going to be house, trance, and vocal dance. Most of these are independent artists who sell through Beatport and don't have big label support. If you like their stuff please buy the tracks.

First of two from Ummet Ozcan (https://www.ummetozcan.com/) who has been working with some of the biggest names in house music. I've heard a couple mixes of this "Revolution" and I like this vocal mix best. It's not terribly sophisticated in either the music or vocals, but it's a good solid high-energy dance track.

Second Ozcan track for compare-and-contrast. This one lacks the smooth vocals and has a more energetic high-BPM style. I like it for its variety of styles - it's almost a sampler. I also like that Ozcan is willing to drop the volume and not try to blast everything out as loud as possible. There are plenty of loud passages, but it's not all the same thing.

Vicetone's "United We Dance" was apparently written for a movie soundtrack, so it's more ?compressed? tonally than a full club mix would be. That's not bad - you get a sense for how music can be built to leave spaces others can fill in. This is also prime remix material.

Speaking of remixes you can find probably dozens of remixes of "Colors" - it was one of the bigger tracks of 2014. This version is more spare and really features the piano bits more than most mixes. I am not as fond of the non-vocal thumpa-thumpa bits but it's worth giving a listen.

Continuing our theme of interesting piano and vocal bits, here is the "Arty Remix" of "Lionhearted" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgKDu5pp_fU). The original is much rougher and louder - this remix keeps the underlying track's energy but smooths and mellows the edges.

I was intrigued by this track because guitars usually don't feature in EDM tracks. To be perfectly honest they're not all that big a deal here, either. Not in the way you'd hear guitars taking most of the load in a rock&roll track, for example. That said, there are some interesting bits where you can hear the guitars doing their thing and it's nice to see people trying different approaches.

Here is AVB spinning Dash Berlin's "Shelter" at the Amsterdam Music Festival. This is the Photographer remix, which makes much better use of Roxanne Emery's vocals than any other mix I've heard. Unlike the Revolution track I started this set with, the vocals here are much more complex and interesting - this sort of thing is what first got me into vocal trance and I'm glad some people are still making these kinds of tracks.


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