Aug. 4th, 2017

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There will certainly be music today and if the meeting cancellations keep coming (two so far today) then I might actually post this on Friday. I think for this one I'm going to do a few of the more gentle and beautiful tracks I've got marked.
We'll start with this lovely piece from Skrillex and Poo Bear. This video is one you want to watch. To be honest I was hoping the video would be a a no-cut one-shot of the boarder. I don't think the generic sunrise shots help and I'd rather watch this guy do his thing. It's not typical Skrillex things, which goes along with my general theory that I tend to prefer him working with other people or remixed by other people to him solo. Bangarang ( being the notable exception to that. This track has nice vocals and very smooth feel.
As an antidote to the blood pressure-raising dumpster fire in Washington I've been playing more chill and ambient music lately. Here's a lovely relaxed track from Boreta (part of The Glitch Mob), remixing Christopher Willits' "Clear". The original ( is from a couple years ago, and has much more of a drone feel. I think the Boreta mix is superior.
First link: another very pretty Reload Sessions offering. Dahlia (whose online presence I've been unable to locate - there are at least six other artists/acts using that name) bring three singer/guitar players to a track called "Heart Would Say". I keep thinking I've heard this before but it might be just because I've had this tab up for a while and played it many times. I like the way the singers pass around the lead and all of them harmonize rather than one being lead and two being back-up.

The second link is Dahlia's cover of "Million Reasons" from Lady Gaga ( The original is also a simple-vocal-plus-guitar track so this isn't that different. It's interesting to see how the cover distributes the lead pieces so it's once again three strong voices trading off rather than the original's one-strong/two-backing.
DJ Energy's bootleg remix of the very popular "Photograph" from Ed Sheeran ( The original is a great spare strong-voiced track and the remix respects that. It adds a little energy and some club beats, but they're muted for the most part to keep the original feel.
And finally, a closer from LA producer SNBRN that takes some intensely breathy trance-style vocals and lays them over a nice deep house vibe. It's a fun combo that mostly works (I could quibble with some of the echo-y repeats as unneeded) and brings this blog set back to my more traditional EDM choices.

(Aside for the tagging geeks: I had originally written that SNBRN was new to me but it turns out I'd tagged him back in October of last year. One of the side effects of losing tags is that I'm going to lose some of my memory for things I've posted in the past; it's just too voluminous to search manually.)


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