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Yeah, I know, I just did a music post, but there are a bunch of 'best of the year' things out so I'll be putting up a bunch today and hopefully another bunch before the week is out.

I don't think you can do one of these without pointing to DJ Earworm's (http://www.facebook.com/Earworm) United State of Pop mix. His 2009 mix was awesome and really set a high bar for every mix last year. Earworm doesn't just mix a few tracks against each other - he samples at the word/phrase level and blends the results. Unfortunately (imo due to inferior source material) this year's mix isn't as good as last year's. His skills are still evident, but the 24 tracks represented here are more concerned with trying to sound like they are their own party than anything else.

Also like last year, Bootie turns in a few surprises in their top of the year picks. For one thing, the page now has a Soundcloud stream so you can listen to the set all together. I do wish Soundcloud would implement a "forward one track" feature, though. Bootie did something interesting this year, producing two lists. The first are in the mix - 23 tracks that fit together. Then they added 10 bonus tracks that they thought were good mixes, but that didn't fit the set for one reason or another. I didn't think much of the main set (the good tracks were ones I'd already blogged) but there are some real gems in the bonus tracks. Let's see:

Mashup Germany hit a home run with this one, called "Everybody & Ray Speaks No Americano". As you can guess from the title the popular Yolanda B Cool track is the backbone for this, and it's cut up and mashed with some great bits including some classic Ray Charles vocals that I just adore. Ray Charles was such an innovator in his time I regret he's not around to collaborate with some of today's best.

Titus Jones turns in another hot dance track putting together four female vocalists, pitting La Roux and Robyn against Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift. As pop female vocals go, each has something interesting to add and the result makes the best of each one's style.

LeeDM101's "(Find Myself) A Heap Of Love" brings a melancholy note using mostly Florence & the Machine with a helping of Depeche Mode and some Imogen Heap.

DJs from Mars remain some of the most brilliant creators in the scene and this track proves it. Take the problematic Eminem/Rihanna track and fold in some stereotypical 80s hair rock - that can't possibly work, can it? Uh, yeah. It works. Seriously, this ought not to be possible but these guys are that good.

What could possibly make one overplayed Jay Sean tune interesting again? How about a BIG helping of Motown superstars The Supremes. This one may be more hit-or-miss for those of you who didn't grow up loving Motown the way my pre-pubescent past self did. The elegant style and beautiful harmonies of the Motown ladies were magical then and they're magical now. Props to DJ Fox for this blast from the past.

Mashup Germany also take an overused track (Lennon's "Imagine") and reinvigorate it with contributions from a selection of more modern male vocalists. The combination of Matisyahu and Bob Marley is particular brilliant - an obvious pairing retrospect but so far as I know nobody's done it before.
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