Jan. 19th, 2016

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Arisia '16 is almost done for me. I will still need to attend the debrief and I have a few choice words I want to say to feedback@

(While I'm on the topic please if you have any thoughts about the con in general or specific things please send them to feedback@arisia.org - this input is taken seriously and can be influential.)

I had, overall, a good con. I saw a lot of people I like to see, met a few new great people, did a job I enjoy doing, stayed up late doing the sorts of things one does when staying up late at cons. At the same time I'm having a rough re-entry. Insomnia last night might be related. I have a lot of regrets about things I missed or did not get to do - those are likely exaggerated and will fade with time, but right now they're looming large in my mind.

This was the first time [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue worked a significant position for Arisia and it caused some bumps and bruises. New experiences are learning experiences; we both enjoy working for the con and being part of the team that puts on this awesome show and we're learning how to do that better. I'm already plotting what job I'd like to apply to do for Arisia 2017 and might even have found a new sucker ... err, volunteer to take on my job that I feel safe and comfortable turning things over to.

Kid-wrangling was complex and doesn't easily fall into pro/con. Both kids worked this year, running games and Thing 2 put in some shifts volunteering. We gave them a lot more independence but it wasn't completely successful. There were also some significant losses that are going to cause headaches and Thing 2 pretty consistently failed some of his promised responsibilities. Nothing exploded and no one died, but it wasn't the easy ride I would've liked.
Details, mostly bullet points in sort of random order, likely not interesting to anyone else )
Looking back over this list I can see that the good things are clearly more numerous and weighty than the bad things. I just need to get some good sleep and I suspect I'll see the con in a different light.


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