Aug. 3rd, 2016

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There's a metric sh*tton going on and I want to post about it but it's being very hard for Reasons, some of which I'll post about. Things have happened, some of them good. I want to write and think through writing but it's not happening. As you'd expect after a month I have a lot of music tabs, too. Here are some:
A Tribe Called Red was pointed out to me by a coworker on our Slack "listening" channel. She and I have the most overlap of musical tastes of the small cluster there. The actual link was to a video of some of the best Native American hoop dancers ( for whom A Tribe Called Red have done backing music including this "Electric Pow Wow Drum". I recommend watching the dancing in that video - it's excellent.
We're definitely going to see Suicide Squad when it opens, if only to figure out whether to let the kids see it (I'm guessing HELL NO but we'll see). Also from that same Slack channel came this link to Glass Animals' cover of "Love Lockdown". I'm not a real Kanye fan, but LL ( is one of the few of his tunes that I like. I really appreciate what this cover is trying to do - updating the sound while keeping some of the essential elements of the original.
Speaking of covers (or remixes in this case) and essentials, here's Glowjack doing a Tropical House remix of the Frankie classic "Relax". Most of the coworkers in the Slack channel are too young to remember when this was an iconic tune so they don't have a lot to compare against. This is... not bad, despite my not being a huge fan of tropical house. Where it strays too far from the original, I think, is in the musical interludes. When it hews more closely to the vocal lines of the original I find I like it a lot.
Premeson's remix of "Settle My Heart" combines some of the good elements of prog-house (full sounds, driving pace) with a nice funky bassline to give this track a whole new feel. Unfortunately I couldn't find an online version of the original to link back to and this is just a preview from a remix EP but I think it's still a worthwhile couple of minutes.
I feel compelled to share these so you, too, will be aware that "twerk" is apparently now a musical subgenre. I go between "hate" and "roll with it" on this idea. The first one gets away with a lot because it's a remake of a favorite Panjabi MC track. STAiF (or DJ STAiF) is a Greek with a bunch of interesting stuff I'll be diving into. The second track is also doing a good job of energizing a dance sound that seems to be drawing from several influences. Of the listed tags I'd definitely classify this as riddim and sure I can see the moombahton influences. That, for me, is part of the fun of watching new subgenres emerge - you see them reaching around for ways to describe themselves until they either make it or don't.
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Still clearing out some of the short-form things I've bookmarked in the past few weeks...
Luca Rubino's "Point Break" is a delightful summer dance track that's sure to see lots of remixing. High BPM, strong electronic edge, with that by-now-classic build-drop-build pattern. As all-electro-instrumental tracks go this one's not bad, edging just close to too frenetic and too repetitive but never straying over the lines. It's a nice change from Rubino's past A|B pop mashes.
DirtyVibes' remix of "Resistance" from Jetfire has a lot going for it (not least promotion from DJs from Mars, which is how I found it). That aside, it's a nice steady moobahton sound and I can see why the DJs picked it out. The original ( is a pretty standard dance banger and I like that the remix keeps the vocals and the drive of the original, but strips out much of the higher-end electronica in favor of deep bass lines.
When I linked the 'twerk' tracks in the last entry I forgot this one, which calls itself "twerkhall". No, I'm not making this up. On a sample size of three I can't really say that one is that much different from another. This one is much more riddim and less moombah and yes, if I was going to envision music specifically designed for people to twerk to it would likely sound like this, but on the other hand I'm not convinced this is an improvement on riddim (assuming you like that, of course). STAiF seemed to be drawing on more diverse and interesting influences.
Stephen Murphy's remix of "Lush Life" from Zara Larsson is a pleasant, bouncy summer dance tune. The original ( is a very girl-poppy overtuned track. I think it benefits from being energized and sped up, but it still feel like it needs something more.
I have a few long-form things to link but I figured I'd round this entry out with an episode of Innerstate Radio that I marked a while back. Ummet Ozcan has been following the trend toward glitchier stuff that I mostly don't like so I will be linking less of it. This set is not bad, though, and it features several nicely melodic pieces. For my money, the best of it is in the middle, TripL & Warkids' "Love Addiction", one of those feel-good trance tracks that you get often from AVB and less often in other places. Fun factoid: the Jessy Katz featured here is Stephen Spielberg's niece.


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