Aug. 10th, 2017

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I am normally not a memes person but I saw this on a mailing list where people had fun with it and I though my week could use some fun. Love/hate/ate - reply in comments and repost if you think it would help spread more fun.

Love - I love the light in the evenings at this time of year. I notice the days are shortening but there's still a liminal quality to the twilight that I don't think exists in other seasons.

Hate - I hate that cell-phone spammers have started faking local-seeming numbers. I deal with enough contractors and such that I am often fooled.

Ate - fresh-picked fruit. Typically I wait until late in the fruit season to go pick Macoun apples, which are my absolute favorite variety. This year we did some fruit picking as part of our trip and Pygment has been getting fresh-picked fruit from the local farmer's market.
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This afternoon I was trying to describe to MizA how I was feeling and why and came up with this:

I have spent a lot of energy herding cats this week. This is making me snippier than I should be and not happy with cats that require further herding. Imagine if you set a bunch of balls bouncing down a hill. You'd expect them to bounce, roll, maybe collide, and go every which way but mostly down.

Now imagine that some of them start bouncing back UP the hill at you. Unpredictably. That's been my week. I think it explains why I'm kind of twitchy and jumpy and all up in the "stop DOING that!" space.

(It's also been compounded by off-again/on-again intestinal unpleasantness that has messed with my sleep.)


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