Aug. 22nd, 2017

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I give up. I've struggled with this entry for too long. It has deep threads that go into every area of my life and many of my beliefs. Like any such thing, I find I learn more every time I open it up. I am also reminded that I believe incomplete and contradictory things. Godel would be proud, I hope. I keep trying to say things and failing and deleting and rewriting and reading things written by people who've said this or that bit of it better than I and then more awful racist hateful shit emits from Trump's mouth and I'm struck dumb again.

A friend wrote this not long ago: I didn't plan to say anything, but it's hard not to, isn't it?

If you are a person of conscience, a person of moral character, yes, it is very hard not to. At least some of you are old enough to remember as deeply and painfully as I do why we wore "Silence = Death" tee shirts. To do nothing, to say nothing, has ceased to be a valid option. Team Sideline no longer plays in this league. There are now two very clearly defined sides: this side and "fucking Nazis." Our president and his supporters from Putin and David Duke on down are simply wrong to equate them in any way. Voices from across the country, from across the political spectrum, have stated this eloquently, unequivocally, and forcefully. If you are so committed to your support of Trump, or your dislike of other politicians, that you are willing to ignore, excuse, or condone sympathy with Nazis and traitors then you and I likely have nothing further to discuss.

If you ever wondered what you would have done in Germany in 1935, look around. Now you know what you would have done - what you're doing right now, today.


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