May. 19th, 2016

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Procrastination is me. I'm having a very hard time getting (keeping) going on things I ought to be going on, so let me write a few words about music instead. The top half is going to be electronic dance - I'll save the funky stuff for the second part. As usual the best is saved for last.
This tune, from a few years back, showed up on one of my Pandora stations recently. Tut Tut Child bring a hard-edged electro-dance sensibility to their "Dance To It" track. It has obvious dubstep influences and some people call it glitch hop but it doesn't have the hip-hop beats I'd expect from that. Instead, it has a get-up-and-move beat under electronic instrumentation and some fun vocal sampling.
J-Trick & Aristic Raw's "Crues-Lee" is a spiritual descendent of the previous track. This is 2016's electro-dance. Dub is out and it has more trance and ambient overtones, but it's still the same basic formula - 110 BPM or so, minimal or no vocals, and raw electronic instrumentation. This track has some nice change-ups and unconventional beats but like a lot of modern tracks it clocks in very short.
AndreOne working with Djampo on a prog-house dance track titled "Falcon". I like the basic track but the mix feels slightly 'off' to me, somehow. Does it sound that way to anyone else?

The Beatie's "Brass Monkey" always had major funk influences (just listen to the horn part, fr'ex) and here Copycat does a remix that plays up some of those elements. It's an interesting take on an old 80's favorite, but the original is still hard to beat.
One of the great things John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd did in their "Blues Brothers" incarnation was make another generation of white folk aware of the great artists and music that they'd missed out on because radio was so heavily segregated. I had heard songs like "Shake Your Tail Feather" as a child and then forgotten them until I got to love Ray Charles's performance in the movie. Here Father Funk gives a modern update to the classic, with tribute to the movie along the way, but all in their trademark electro-funk style.
This... this is happiness for me, packaging so much into 80+ minutes. It's got memories and updated sounds and new twists on old favorites. Funky as hell, hip-hopping and soulful and jazzy and seriously rocking beats. It's the promo for the UK Shindig Weekender that I wish I could attend. Failing that I'll just listen through this set again.


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